Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Iraqi's and Americans, fighting for a better Iraq...

"Witnesses near the scene said Iraqi forces had attacked at dawn, hurling everything they could at the group, who responded with automatic weapons, sniper fire and rockets. Najaf's police chief, who was reportedly wounded in the action, then called in US airpower. At some point the witnesses said they saw a US helicopter with black smoke pouring out of it, plummeting to the ground."

A heroic action seems to have been taking place in Iraq recently as a Messianic group of Sunni's and Shia religious fanatics appeared to have a dastardly plan of assassinating top Shia religious leadership in Iraq. Team America happily obliged to requests for assistance by the brave Iraqi security forces in attacking this secret lair. The police chief himself was wounded in the action and up to 250 of the fanatics appear to have been killed. This is stupendous news! The 21,000 US reinforcements Bush ordered have not even arrived in full yet and already the tide is turning in Iraq. Sources say President Bush has not even noticed the success of his last plan as he busily prepares his next master stroke. This will resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in one fell swoop and build on his recent success of rebuilding Iraq's fragile democracy.

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