Friday, September 08, 2006

How can one explain this?

"The Irish see themselves as anticolonial victims of partition and ultimately victors over the British... In Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat and Hamas, they see those who struggle against a colonial ruler. The Irish cannot shake off the belief that Israel is a colonial oppressor," says Dr Rory Miller from Kings College London. What can possibly be used to explain this unnatural sympathy for the Palestinians? Well of course Dr Miller has the answer, "Since much of Irish Muslims' funding comes from Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi extremism must be creeping in."'s those pesky terrorists again...but wait, didn't the Palestinian resistance begin much earlier than the strengthening of Islamic fundamentalism in 1967? I just love these Orientalist "experts" spewing out their "authoritative" analysis. I think my old shoe can give a better account of why so many countries don't agree with Israel....and be careful, that shoe knows its stuff!

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