Monday, May 12, 2014

The Syrian Elections

The people are all talking. About what? About the great event. The day has come, the day democracy has been ushered into Syria. The day when the Syrian people will finally choose who will lead them through the choppy waters of the twenty first century. The scripts are written, the actors are rehearsing and the props and cameras are all set. Everybody into position, get ready. This will be the show of your lives.

In every other country democracy is a close contest between a number of presidential hopefuls, but not here, not in the kingdom of the mad. From under a blanket of fear the aspiring hopefuls came in full force. Blinking into the spotlight. Twenty three at first, but the courts said no. This is a kingdom of law, they said, and the laws must be obeyed, so out of the twenty three three remained. These alone retained the qualities, integrity and potential to hold the greatest office of the land. These three men stood forth when their people beckoned, in a time of great crisis. Well done. Firm handshake to all of them.

The kingdom of the mad is in the midst of war, its army has gone insane, dropping chemicals from the sky on its people. Half the people have escaped the country, most living in the mud and illness and disease. But that will not stop the rule of law. In a country where absurdity is the national religion and pastime, the king of the mad has declared that henceforth he will no longer rule with an iron fist only. You must love him, and ask him to rule you with an iron fist. Ask and you will be rewarded. Refuse and, well...but at least you have a choice. So choose wisely, for democracy isn't a game.

So actors - into positions! Props, set the stage for the opening scene! Ticket vendors, get out there and sell! Design the posters, Photoshop people! Slogan writers, write away. Tell the audience "We're all in this together". Make this a show to remember, a show nobody will ever forget. Lights, camera, action! Sit tight, people, you're going to love this.

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