Monday, March 03, 2014


What if we could go away from here right now. At this very moment, and leave all the awfulness, the horror, the dirt behind. What do we care for these terrible people? For the things they do to each other and to themselves? It's all so bad.

What if we could go to that garden, that beautiful garden where we can sit and eat fruit. Where we can play and enjoy the shade as the wind rustles the leaves beneath the hot sun floating in a clear blue sky. Where the earth is rich and red, and the water gurgles past us as it flows through its little channels between the trees. To that place where we can just about hear our loved ones talking and laughing a muted laugh in the distance, and we know they are waiting for us as they prepare for lunch when we can all sit down together and share stories.

But now, in this moment, I sit with you, laying my head on your lap as your hair brushes down on my face. You look down on me and smile, and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. My heart feels as if it would burst. We are in an old place, an ancient place. Where nothing changes, and time moves like the blue mountains in the distance. We can go there too one day, if we like we can go wherever we want, because this land that surrounds us is all ours, as far as the eye can see.

I reach up my hand to touch your cheek, still, even now, I cannot believe you are here. I feel the softness of your cheek and caress your lips, and you rub your face against my hand as if to tell me that my senses aren't lying to me. Above your head the branches of the tree sway gently, and little flecks of that blue Mediterranean sky peek down at us between the leaves. I want this moment to last forever, to be like this with you, as we lay together in the garden of our everlasting delight, away from death and sadness.

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