Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Praise of Falling

Thinking of the past hurts too much. The present is good, it doesn't hurt so much and gives us lots of things to do. But then when it all goes quiet we are left with the whispers of memory.

Unfulfilled greatness, yes, nothing hurts so much as unfulfilled greatness. When we make that jump, knowing that nobody believes in us, and we fall short. That split second when the athlete grimaces in horror as he realizes he is going to trip and fall.

He falls, slowly, and watches the ground as it welcomes him into her hard embrace. Then they will laugh at his broken dreams, as his dignity lies in shreds. Burning tears. So close, so close...

Oh! Such a nobility in failing, in crashing down from the heavens as your wax wings drip apart. Just a moment earlier, you with your fragile wax wings, standing atop the cliff top all gloriously ridiculous confidence. You pushed away doubt, pushed away fear. You did it because you had to, beneath the cruel blows of couldn't have been any other way. Couldn't have...

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