Monday, March 11, 2013

The Wine of the Golan

While the Israeli Army's Chief of Staff comments on the quality of wine from the occupied Golan Heights, Assad is sending his tanks into Syrian cities fitted with cameras so that we can see the devastation he has wrought in full HD quality. When I think about the destruction this regime has inflicted on my country, I can only feel a helpless rage. This lying and deceitful pack of fraudsters failed in liberating an inch of occupied territory whether by war or peace.

To the world they spoke of the need for a "just and comprehensive" peace, but domestically Assad promised his people the mother of all liberations, all will be well "when the time is right" - just so long as they put up with no freedom or dignity. This country was like a dysfunctional family, pretending to be normal to the world when in reality almost everybody in it was either incestuous or abused. If it wasn't so tragic this situation would be comical.

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