Sunday, September 09, 2012

An Absurd Tragedy

The dot, the starting point in space. It's the beginning. From there a conscious decision to move in a direction, then a line becomes, with two points on either end. The only movement from there is as a circle, creating an area defined in eternity.

"There's nothing happening. Stop asking too many questions. 2+2=3"

The circle is the first basic shape, it is the symbol of the eternal. BOOM, another man dies and goes to heaven for his virgins. "The virgin is a big deal in our part of the world."

"Yeah, so it's alright for a man to dip his brush in a thousand paint pots, but heaven forbid you be the paint pot and let the wrong brush take a dip. How's that fair?"

"Well, they think it's different. I hear they have a sheikh who says that a woman who lays with another man is like a chicken thigh pricked with a needle. It makes no difference. And part of their religion is to all go naked and have group sex in a dark room."

"That's bullshit."

"Look man, a friend of a friend told me. And he was told by one of them. This is a fact, it's been written in a book too."

"Hey! What was that?"



"That? Was that another man claiming his paint pots?"

"No, that's a man who can't take a hint. He has bigger bombs"


"Do you know that the triangle is the first natural shape that we can arrive at after the circle?"

"Do I care?"

"Probably not, but how are you going to understand the big picture if you can't marvel about how everything is connected. That's the beauty of it!"

"It's not so beautiful from what I've seen so far..."

"'ve got such weak faith.

The door is locked, the water is rising. People are calling for the captain, it is dark. The little girl in a green top is frightened. Green socks and tiny trainers. Little hands clenched tightly and her hair in one long braid dripping wet as she is carried aboard. Did her mother braid it for her before they left? Did she tell her about how things would be wonderful once they arrive? Maybe she was singing to her during -

Only 50 metres from the shoreline


Paint pots, virgins, and the guy who can't take a hint. "This is my damn inheritance, Pappy left it for me, well he left it for my brothers, I was supposed to be an eye doctor. But it's mine now. I'm not looking, I'm not looking" Fingers in the ears, "La-La-La-La... I need more time to kill those bastards. Damn you all to hell, I'll burn this place before you get it. Pappy left it for me. Yeah, fuck you..."


"Look, it's simple, first the dot, then the circle, then two circles, then three. The three centres, you line them up like this"

I line them up

"See! You now have a triangle, it is the first basic shape. That's proof that God exists and that our religion is right."


"Look, you're talking about circles, and triangles, but this is serious, and I don't like these explosions. They're getting kinda close. And what does this have to do with God or anybody's religion? It's just some stupid shapes."

The boat is in the cold water, it is very cold. The lights are off now and everybody is screaming. The little girl in the green top has lost her mother now. She's scared. I think she was scared. Drowning is frightening, but it doesn't really hurt. That's it, relax and take your first breath. Let the water's not so bad. I think I will sleep a while.



"Yeah, I'm in control. Those who leave us are welcome to. The weak of faith. I'm going to scrub this place from germs and traitors. They make us weak, they're not welcome here. I say good riddance. And wifey tells me she's with me no matter what, oh and I need to get her the new Harry Potter Blu-Ray edition. The one's we got a few months ago are just plain old DVD's"

"And the Louboutin's my little duckling! I need shoes", she calls out from the nursery. "And please tell Haidar or Abu Suleiman or whoever the hell it is to try and shell a bit further from us. The children are having trouble sleeping. Daddy sent me an e-mail the other day saying that all these sounds might have a psychological effect on their delicate selves."

Trickle trickle

The water laps on the sides of the rubber dingy. The man puts the little girl in a green top, with green socks and tiny trainers, and a long wet braid, gently down. Gently, gently. Sleeping and dreaming her dreams. And the music.

"And then from the circles you get the triangle, which is three, and three is for knowing, known and knower. Or Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or Allah, Rahman, Raheem. Three is very important you know. The double of three is six, and the six pointed star is of the upward meditation of man to the heavens, and the downward revelation of knowledge. That's -"

"Shut up! You're an idiot, you know that? I'm wasting my time with you. The country is falling apart and you're head is stuck in the sand"

"Look, you've gotta look at the big picture. I'm trying to tell you that this is all part of some cosmic plan."

"Yeah, well I'm not buying it. What's that? The sounds are getting closer. I think -"


"Emma darling, Sherry says she couldn't get the Blu-ray's or the Lubbutin's. Says our credit card has been cancelled because of the sanctions."

"Oh what a bore...and it's Louboutin darling. You can be such a peasant. And put something decent on. You're a president and you can't be pacing around the bunker in your underwear, socks and an open nightrobe. It's hardly flattering."


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