Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family in Times of War

We all love each other so much, but some of us can't even be in the same room as the other. Some have had to go off to faraway lands to find themselves but can now never make their way back again. It is difficult on us all. Yet, I think, the hardest burden is with those who stayed and who had to watch the house get slowly emptier. That person they always liked to argue with every day dies suddenly, and it's only then that everybody realises how much they missed that crazy old woman; A man who the world kicked down, and who could finally only stay alive and sane by leaving everything behind, and who slowly pulled himself out of an alcohol fuelled cycle of depression and regret. Now living alone and watching the sadness from afar, as helpless now as he was when nobody would give him a break; Sons who have grown, and in all their youthful pride, find their hands tied and the distance a frustrating barrier they cannot overcome. In one room there is an unused dining table that once saw happier days, and in another, a woman staring out of the window of an empty home...

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