Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Degeneration of a Nation

Haven't you heard? There are elections to be held soon and democracy is in the air my friend! The dictator is not a dictator, he is a friendly young man who is struggling hard to force Syrians to be free. You don't want to be free? Here is a booted foot to stamp on your head. Isn't it good to be free? Why can't you speak whilst my boot is in your mouth?

Ugh..such ungrateful people. You didn't think you were going to win because you were right? This isn't the world we live in, old boy. The world will believe whatever we tell it, and they will accept it and smile at us. Because we worship the Great Lie. We will tell you that victory has a cost, and that you must pay it and be happy. You don't want to see a big picture, you only need to see swirls of colour. Yes, lots of beautiful colours. Go back to your dramas and music. Smoke your sheeshas and enjoy yourselves. When we want you to hate we will tell you. We will show you a picture and we will tell you that this is your enemy. You will look at this picture because your heads are all fixed so you can't turn left or right, you can only look where we tell you. Look! and hate! That is your enemy. Isn't he vile? Don't you want to just put his eyes out? Froth your mouth, and if you don't feel angry then just pretend, and eventually you will be. We will also tell you when to love, and you will love. You will feel the joy coursing through your chest, and wonder what else on earth there could ever be.

Stop troubling your mind with questions about the present. The past is what we tell you and the future is, Oh so bright! But this middle, this present, the present that you inhabit, forget about all that. Forget that you even exist. You are not real, you are simply being made into something, something so fantastic that you wouldn't believe. We are going to do that to you, isn't that wonderful? Look at us and be grateful. We will make you so that is all you can be, but it is better if you give us your gratitude and acquiescence. We can make you kneel, but it is oh so much better if you do it for us. We will make you degenerate, but it is the degeneration of your soul that we are truly after. For when you would grasp your own filth up high and proclaim that to be your supreme truth, then we will have won, and you will be glad.

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Anonymous said...

wrong title :) degeneration means there was something valuable that degenerated... how can this be the case? instead i say Syria is experiencing generation, the generation of something new which did not exist before.