Sunday, May 06, 2012

حالي حالي حال

I don't know who these guys are. A few years ago one particular song wouldn't leave my head and I searched on Youtube to find a version of it that I would like. I came across this clip of a bunch of guys from Syria who played a beautiful rendition of it and seemed to enjoy themselves so much. I've had this on my music player for all this time, and have enjoyed it countless times. Listening to it right now transports me to what seems like a lifetime ago, to another place. I can almost imagine myself sitting in a flat somewhere in Damascus with my friends, and we'd be singing and enjoying ourselves like these guys are.

I feel a hope for the future, for a better Syria where we are all free from fear and oppression, and where friends can meet and have fun at the end of the day, and stay up till the early hours of the morning. I think that amidst all this bitterness and sorrow, remembering what we are struggling for helps a little bit. Let's watch this video and think about being with our friends and loved ones in better times, so that those times won't seem so far away.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, I shared it on Facebook along with your touching comment and description of it. I wish there were also some Syrian women in this friendly gathering as well.

Maysaloon said...

Thank you, and no, that wouldn't do at all! We _are_ Syrian after all :)