Sunday, April 15, 2012

The philosophy of the Stoics is something that has fascinated me for almost ten years. If you haven't read Marcus Aurelius' Meditations then I suggest you do so. Another favourite of mine is the Enchiridion of Epictetus. The world he lived in seems to me sometimes not very different from our one today. In such a world, how can a man not find solace and happiness in stoicism? Enjoy:

Remember that you must behave in life as at a dinner party. Is anything brought around to you? Put out your hand and take your share with moderation. Does it pass by you? Don't stop it. Is it not yet come? Don't stretch your desire towards it, but wait till it reaches you. Do this with regard to children, to a wife, to public posts, to riches, and you will eventually be a worthy partner of the feasts of the gods. 
Good night.


ireminisces said...

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Anonymous said...

the message portrayed sounds familiar to most other philosophies or one might dare say some religious beliefs...just written or expressed in a different way