Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I still don't believe that there is a "Free Syrian Army" with some kind of hierarchy and organised structure. Rather this is a loose umbrella term for a number of disconnected and mostly autonomous militias and defected soldiers that vary in professionalism and integrity. The biggest mistake somebody can do is say that "the other side" is making mistakes as well, because there is no "other side" any more than there is one leader to this revolution. Having said that, the Syrian opposition in all its forms must make its position clearer in denouncing extra-judicial killings and sectarianism. The fact that the state is no longer a legitimate ruler of the country does not mean that crimes against humanity should be tolerated, or that - when this is all over - those responsible should not be held to account for any crimes committed. In the end of the day those who have spilt innocent blood - whether of the regime or the opposition - must stand trial. Otherwise there's no point in replacing Assad.


lidia said...

FSA could be anything (including foreign jihadists) but they all have something in common - they are on GCC payroll - and now it is official. (NATO doing its fair share as well, of course)

Sure, it is the best reason to support them while asking them nicely to stop sectarian murder, torture, kidnapping and such (as HRW asked, for ex).

lidia said...

one more time - regarding Syrians versus Assad and Palestinians versus Zionists. OK, so NATO/GCC somehow all for arming Syrians (let us tell the truth, a lot of non-Syrians as well) to fight Syrian army (and civilians of "wrong" sect, because NATO/GCC are arming NOT just "Syrians", but sectarian Sunnis). But for more than 50 years Palestinians are resisting colonial rule of Zionism, and guess what? NATO/GCC are not so eager to help them, even to non-violent means, which are called "terrorism". NATO openly and GCC covertly - more or less - are fully on the side of Zionist colonizers. I suppose it could made someone else question the equation between "Syrians versus Assad" and "Palestinians versus Zionists", but Maysaloon is not going to let mere facts to stop him(?).

Maysaloon said...

The majority of those in the Free Syrian Army are Syrians, just like you. And many of them were once soldiers in Assad's army, so we cannot dismiss them all as jihadists.

On your other point, about similarities between the Syrian and Palestinian struggles, would you not agree that people have a right to defend themselves against oppression? And if so, do not the both the Syrian and Palestinian peoples have this right? The oppression of Assad and Sharon is the same.

lidia said...

1) You have NOT said "majority" before, just "Syrians". And I never said "all of them are jihadist". I meant FSA includes both foreign and Syrian sectarian jihadists, while for you it is still the question of "oppressed" Syrians.
2) Only a person who knows nothing about oppression of Palestinians by Zionists could equate it with what Syrians live under. Does Syrians have to go through military checkpoints to simply get to work and school? And it is only ONE example, and not the most awful. Anyway, you also have not addressed the question - why USA is 150% for Zionist oppression but suddenly is all against Assad's one?
3) I do not support Assad regime. It is up to Syrians to decide, anyway. But to pretend that FSA are just "oppressed Syrians" is not to argue in good faith, sorry.
4) FSA could include also just Syrians and even brave ones. So what? Not only fighters for right case could be brave. Sure some Zionists and some Lebanese Falangists could be called "brave". But to fight bravely on NATO/GCC payroll is not something to be proud of - at least not by my book.

Maysaloon said...

1. For me the question now and tomorrow will always be about oppressed Syrians. Anything which helps stop oppression is something I support.

2. I don't have to address any question about the United States. I have been writing about these things since 2006. The question you need to ask is why, when Syrians were being killed and tortured by their own regime, people who spent years crying for the Palestinians now didn't care about Syrians anymore and made up excuses and ignored the truth. They sounded surprisingly like Zionists.

3. I did not say the FSA are oppressed Syrians. And Assad's men are killing people who are saying that they do not want him to be president any more. Ignoring that is what I call bad faith.

4. That's your opinion. You might not have read my post, but I'm not a fan of them either. I will not, however, demonise them instantly because the biggest share of responsibility for where we are is on Assad's regime. He should have listened to the people and made genuine reforms from the start, not sham reforms which will keep him in power.