Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I don't know why, but this piece made me feel quite sad. Syrians are killing each other because of this regime:

Sometimes the combatants in a walkie-talkie exchange even seem to know each other - which is not impossible in a war that has divided city neighbourhoods and even streets along political, sectarian and religious lines.
In the Homs video, the rebel voice on the walkie-talkie calls an army commander by the nickname "Abu Odai".
"They are saying this is a fight to the death. A fight to the death means you'll find our dead bodies rigged with bombs, Do you understand me? Abu Odai, Abu Odai, what will you do?" the rebel asks.
"This conversation is over," the unseen officer replies
Meanwhile the Russian Foreign Minister has warned that the regime would never fall even if the rebels were "armed to the teeth":
Mr Lavrov warned that there would be "slaughter for many years" if Western and Arab states intervened militarily and supplied weapons to rebel groups.
Read this as a promise and not just a warning from Mr Lavrov. Russia is backing Assad to the hilt.

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