Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the Angry Arab's Lousy Coverage of Syria - Again...

I told you before that even if Bashar (or Bashshar) comes on the air and admits that he sent those emails, that the Angry Arab -whose coverage of Syria is lousy - will still insist that they are fakes and that he was right all along.

He says:

It seems that my early suspicions were correct.  None of the emails leaked belong to Bashshar Al-Asad, who I am told rarely use emails for security reason.  
Nice, he said he doesn't know what happened in Homs, but he knows that Bashar (or Bashshar, as he writes it) doesn't use e-mails for security reasons. Anyway I was starting to think he might be right until I checked his links and looked closely at what he's based his assumptions on.

He provides a link to a website called Syriatruth which he thinks proves categorically that Assad is not behind the emails but some guy called Sam Dallah. For those who haven't read it because it is in Arabic - and we all know that the Angry Arab knows Arabic - the site casts doubt on the identity of the sender because, they ask, how is it possible - even from a protocol's perspective - for a Syrian president to meet the Turkish ambassador at the Turkish embassy. Well firstly, if you read the email that Syriatruth link to, it does not say the meeting took place at the Turkish embassy. Why couldn't the Turkish ambassador have been summoned to the palace?

Also, take a look at the strange PDF that Syriatruth have provided. The e-mail is sent via a company called Atmail, which is based in the United States and Australia. Secondly, it is a totally different style to the leaked emails on the world's media. The header is completely different (I believe it is also in German) from the other leaked e-mails, for one thing. Furthermore, the PDF seems to recognise the email addresses as something to be linked to, and this all places many question marks about the authenticity of this email. Surely the Angry Arab, with years of experience exposing Mossad and CIA planted stories in the world media, could have sensed something was wrong with the Syriatruth link? Or have his critical senses taken leave of him when it comes to Syria?

The other smoking gun the Angry Arab gives us is that Shehrezade Jaafari asked this "Sam" for a sim card, and that she wouldn't possibly ask Assad for a sim card. But here is the email that the Angry Arab has linked to, and it is very interesting.

It shows Shehrezade complaining about how rude and unprofessional Luna Chebl is and that Shehrezade cannot work as "ur Presidential PR manager". Elsewhere she refers to herself as a freelancer, and that she wants to be able to say that the Presidential office is her "major account". And why would she refer to the person as "your excellence"?

OK, that aside. Another email which the Angry Arab says cannot possibly be to Assad because of, "the phraseology" is also interesting. Here (and this is the link the Angry Arab used), Shehrezade apologises to the recipient of her email, and says that the off the record interview with Dr. Tudenhufer had a voice over for thirty seconds so that his voice is not heard. In minute 5:14 of the link at the bottom of the email, which the Angry Arab clearly did not bother checking, there is an interview with Bashar - or Bashshar - which lasts for just over forty seconds, and in which there is a German voice over both when Assad is speaking and when Dr Tudenhufer is speaking, meaning that this was not a translation of what Assad was saying (I don't speak German so I am just deducing this). So Shehrezade must have been referring to this segment of the documentary.

So the Angry Arab thinks that Shehrezade cannot be speaking to the president because she asked for a sim card, and in that same e-mail she apologises to the president because his off the record interview was included in the documentary albeit with a voice over? Did the Angry Arab even see this link? Or does he think his readers are too stupid and lazy to find out? The only interview in the video in which the interviewee's voice is not clear because of a voiceover is the one with Bashar - or Bashshar - at minute 5:14, so we can only assume that the recipient of this e-mail is in fact Bashar - Bashshar.

But of course, as I said at the start of this post, Bashar - or Bashshar - will one day swear on all that is holy that those e-mails are authentic, the fingerprints from the keyboard used to type the emails will be proven to be Assad's, and the Angry Arab will still tell us that he was right. Because he said so. He will then award himself a multi-speed blender to add to his collection.


zenxbear said...
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Maysaloon said...

With regards to the Syriatruth e-mail, and apart from the fact that they are a bizarre and quirky website, your printing of the full e-mail header doesn't really show anything either. I am casting doubt to the validity of that entire email, and why would an official in the Syrian regime use an American company to send his email, you did not touch on the Atmail connection. There is far too much that is flimsy for this to be a smoking gun. And you cannot exactly check a national archive in Syria to see what meetings took place at the presidential palace, so please don't be so disingenous.

As for the sim card, it is clear she wants it for work, and she wants it authorised by Assad. You miss completely the point where she asks for a sim card and refers to him firstly as "your excellency" and also that she wants to work as "ur Presidential PR manager".

That aside, your point about phraseology misses the point - as do most of your comments here frankly. The sender clearly references the sender as the person who is interviewed in the german documentary. She states that it is a thirty second long interview and the only such interview on the clip is one of Assad. You do not mention that, and Angry Arab does not mention that.

In future please read what I write properly as I don't always have the time to repeat myself.

zenxbear said...
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arabian camel said...

hey maysaloon,

never took this guy seriously in the first place, he is an angry arab that is living the american dream; a hypocrite.

Anyways man, i wanted to ask you if you recieved my email a couple of days ago regarding a certain matter? Please let me know since i need a reply asap.

I hope that everything is going great with you! Take care

Chippy Chick said...

Bravo to you for exposing yet another utterly reactionary pseudo-radical hypocrite.

BTW, elsewhere ''Angry Arab'' has been condemning the Syrian uprising for not having decent catchy slogans -http://angryarab.net/2011/12/20/syrian-chants/
Cos, y'know, that's what really matters - if you haven't got a catchy slogan, forget about rising up against totalitarian repression. He may have been born and raised in Lebanon, but he's now more Californian posturer than anything else.

Keep up the great work, you are an Orwell for our age.