Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nir Rosen responds to the hullaballoo about his being an informant for the Syrian regime. I've read the email reportedly proving his "connections" and it says absolutely nothing that could be construed as incriminating him. His writing is lucid and excellent on Syria, and stupid people who have nothing better to do than spread rumours about professionals like him should think again if they think they are helping the Syrian revolution. Assad is stupid enough and his security services are the most incriminating fact condemning his horrible regime, there is no need to embellish and lie. Silliness...and irresponsible because it could put Rosen's life in danger when all he's doing is his job.


Anonymous said...

You can chose to ignore the issue as "hullaballoo" the fact remains that two journalists lost their lives, and other were severely wounded, in addition to the countless Syrians whom perished trying to provide safe exit.

The email is damning, regardless, and whether you enjoyed his "lucid and excellent writings on Syria"or not.

Khaled al-Ahmad wrote: Nir Rosen was able to get into Baba Amr....many western media delegations have entered the area by crossing the Lebanese borders illegally, one of them was a French and a German media delegation.

To say "Silliness...and irresponsible because it could put Rosen's life in danger when all he's doing is his job." when he intentionally or not put other journalists lives in danger, the cost,two lives and God knows how many more.

zenxbear said...
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Anonymous said...

I go by facts.

Rosen did not deny the fact that he got a visa, plus the freedom of movement for 4 months, the only journalist we know so far! Why him?

The email sent by Khaled al-Ahmad, was not denied by Rosen, the fact, that the information he conveyed to Ahamad about the embeded journalists in Baba Amr, might, directly or indirectly caused the death of many people.

For your fabricated information on visas obtained by reporters is not worthy of a reply.

The truth will set you free.

zenxbear said...

-on the issue of the visa and freedom of mobement
he is not the only one. i mean do you even know that when the regime organized his referendum thing there were Turkish journalists covering the event. Also various researcher, historian managed to go to Syria officially with journalist visas in the past year. I remember reading a swiss journalist that said that at the airport each security apparatus was debating whether he should be allowed in or not. Some even went to Hama when it was free of SS, other went to Homs month before the situation turned as today. So to think that Nir Rosen is the only one is pretty ridiculous. And it is not because Liz Phellan got a journalist visa that Nir Rosen is like her.
- as i looked into the emails. There is 2 mentions of Nir Rosen
The First concern his attempt to get an interview, which is as I explained very basic journalistic stuff.
The second [wich I didn't know] is by Khaled al-Ahmad sayig that a German and French journalist came into Homs "illegally". Nir Rosen said that he did not inform the officials about something that was not already known and published. The fact that the PR discovered such an evident fact shows how much he lives in denial, and that he doesn't even carry his job properly.
The email dates from November 2011, and has nothing to do with Journalist and activist assisting them killed in Homs recently.