Saturday, February 25, 2012

Absurdity. This is what we have to deal with every single day when it comes to the Syrian revolution. In a way, the Arab spring lost its innocence with Syria, and there is none of the fresh faced idealism and guitar playing that we saw in Tahrir square.  we have a criminal regime killing its own people, and an incompetent opposition that simply can't rise above the endless bickering that has crippled it. Inside Syria there are secularists, salafists, sectarians and average Syrians caught in a life and death struggle with ruthless security services. On the other end of the spectrum you have the ignorant, chanting their support for the brother leader and commander in chief of fascism. Vulgar demonstrations of dancing and singing whilst Syrians are getting their heads blown off by Assad's death squads in Homs and other parts of the country only adds insult to injury, and it is these injuries, and the indifference of our countrymen and women which will be the hardest to recover from.

I've been lost in thought for days now, trying to think of the best way for Syria to move forward. Unfortunately the regime has not only burnt every card that it held, but it also seems intent on maintaining the country's course for civil war. In many parts of the country, if not most of it, that seems to already be the case. As for the regime's external supporters, I've already made clear my thoughts about the disgusting position of professed anti-imperialists who care for the Syrian people even less than the bankrupt Syrian opposition that they accuse of the same indifference, and whom they waste no opportunity to condemn. It is as if it is the Syrian National Council is the one that has killed over seven thousand Syrians and not Assad's army.

The killing continues, the absurdities get worse and worse, and all we can do is watch helplessly.

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