Saturday, January 07, 2012

Syrian Sarcasm - Gotta Love It!

Appearing very quickly after the Damascus bombing yesterday, a friend's amusing Facebook status carried with it all the sarcasm and cynicism that many people view this recent event:

باشتراكك عزيزي المشاهد بقناة الدنيا بلاس يمكنك مشاهدة التفجيرات قبل يوم من حدوثها ..
كما يمكنك مشاهدة كواليس العمليات بدقة اتش ثري دي ..
وتستطيع تحميل دليل الدنيا بلاس السري من الانترنت والذي يمكنك من معرفة مواعيد التفجيرات القادمة في عام 2012 ..
لسنا الوحيدين .. لكننا الأقذر..
And in English:
Dear Viewer, with your subscription to the new Dunia Plus channel you can now watch explosions a day before they occur. You can also watch the details of these operations in 3D. Finally, you can also download our secret Dunia Plus TV Guide which will tell you the dates of all planned bombings for 2012. [Dunia] We are not the only ones - but we're the filthiest... 
Note: For people who don't know al Dunia, it is a privately own television station owned by the Syrian president's cousin and which has been criticised for its outrageous pro-regime propaganda. The Facebook status is written as a parody of the Dunia station's marketing campaigns.

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