Monday, January 30, 2012

The SNC and King Abdullah

I'll say this as frankly as I can, I couldn't give two hoots about who the Syrian National Council writes letters of thanks to. We've reached a stage where even Satan would be protesting to Assad about the violence in the country. If the Syrian National Council wishes to thank the Saudi Arabian king and that outrages some people, then that's just too bad because what they should be outraged about is the murder of thousands of people by somebody they think is their champion.

Let's stop the blame game and the conspiracy talk, if you're not prepared to even start discussing the crisis that this regime has put Syria in then you have no right to criticise what some parts of the Syrian opposition decide to do in response. Having said all this, I think this is another sign of the stupidity that this Syrian National Council enjoys carrying out. Silly, silly, silly...


Aboud said...

Haha, I know who you are referring to. Some people have a knack of alienating those who would have been inclined to help them, with their exaggerated "Angry" rantings on "Arab" issues. Then they whine that the Syrian revolution gets more attention than they do.

Certain people are like a kid who'se been kicked out of a candy store for being disruptive, and can only look at the candy with their nose pressed against the window from the outside.

Maysaloon said...

Believe it or not I'm not aiming this at As'ad Abu Khalil and I appreciate the nuance to his position: No SNC and no Assad regime, the Syrian people deserve better, which is what I also believe but I believe the SNC is the lesser of these evils.

Love your comparison of kids kicked out of a candy shop though! That is precisely what many "resistance" friends of mine who sided with the regime seem to be like these days.