Monday, January 30, 2012

Misguided Nostalgia

I find it particularly revolting when Syrians who passionately support the regime also remember Saddam Hussein with admiration and call him a "martyr". Never in my wildest dreams did I ever get carried away and consider the man anything more than a butcher and a tyrant. But for people who support one dictator, closely aligned with Iran - the arch-enemy of Saddam Hussein whom he despised even more than the Israelis or the West - is laughable. Saddam Hussein and Hafez Assad were tearing at each other's throats for most of their long reigns, and the Syrian passport used to state that the bearer could visit all country's in the world apart from the Iraqi Arab Republic (no mention of Israel on the list).

To consider Saddam Hussein as some kind of champion whilst also supporting Assadian fascism is a brand of stupidity that I can't even begin to address. Then again, hypocrisy and irony are two terms that would never cross the mind of such people. I want to go and cry now.


lidia said...

I guess it is about it. You went a long way, just into tender arms of NATO/Saudis. You curse Saddam - fair enough. What about USA/Saudis. Are they better to Iraq? Would they be better to Syria?

I hope you would NOT look into Syrians urinated on by your new-found friends. After all, Taliban was bad? Now Afghans are "liberated" by the same forces you put your money on. Good luck.

Maysaloon said...

I am not "putting my money" on anybody. If Saddam and Assad were not so stupid in the first place then their countries wouldn't be suffering as much as they are today. Leadership is about more than just parading your toy tanks about and putting your own vanity above the interests and wishes of your people. It's also about manning up and taking responsibility for your mistakes.