Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bourhan Ghalioun in Moscow

Since the suspension of Syria on Saturday my head has been spinning with the avalanche of events that have been taking place. When I watch Syrian state media it is very clear that this has broadsided the regime completely, and they are quite shocked with what has happened. What else can explain the fact that within forty eight hours Walid Mouallem calls for a press conference and then Bashar requests an emergency meeting with the Arab League?

It's almost sad to see Syria reduced to this. I mean since when does the king of Jordan, of all people, call on the president of Syria to step down? This king, who is a vassal of the United States, wouldn't even wipe his chin without permission from Tel Aviv or Washington, yet today he is giving a statesman-like interview and pretending as if he is somebody important. The Baathist regime and its Assad leadership have failed the Syrian people utterly. I just hope Syria has enough common sense to avoid being relegated back to insignificance.

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