Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bahrain versus Syria: Shameful Discrimination

It pains me to see people that I thought were principled in their commitment for justice and outspoken in their support for the Palestinians, ignore the plight of the Syrian people and dismiss what is happening there as some Western conspiracy. Those same people will accept "insights" from "sources" in Bahrain, publish Youtube videos of demonstrations in Saudi Arabia's Qatif, and yet criticise al Jazeera for relying on anonymous sources, or Youtube videos in Syria, knowing well that all foreign media have been banned from operating there. They afford full respect to the Bahraini protesters, and relish the opportunity to use their plight as a way to highlight Western and Arab hypocrisy, and yet they waste no opportunity to ridicule coverage of Syria, and to argue about semantics or demonstrate their critical thinking and scepticism about any story that comes out of Syria. Yet at the same time they would never dream of applying such high standards of scrutiny for the same standard of stories, allegations or speculation if it came from Bahrain or, for that matter, Gaza. The opposite is true for those who conveniently ignore what is happening in Bahrain and cry crocodile tears for the Syrian people.

Shame on them all, completely and utterly. I support the people of Bahrain and all the Arab revolutions. I find no contradiction in this support, and I'm not waiting for somebody from the corrupt oppositions, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the stupid "resistance" demagogues and populists to remind me of my human duty.


Jillian said...

<3 and respect.

BahrainiSurvival said...

don't you agree with me that those who ignores the violence against protesters in Bahrain are much more than those of ignore it in Syria?

revolutionaries in Bahrain supported Syrian revolution in many rallies and many places, do we see the same from Syrians?

BahrainiSurvival said...

media is prevented from entering Bahrain and Alqatif, similar to Syria, yet media covers more and more from Syria, but not covering from Bahrain and Alqatif claiming that media are not allowed to enter there.
the discrimination against us in Bahrain is much worst, Wadhah Khanfar today:
Wadah Khanfar: #Bahrain doesn't have strategic weight that we care about, as in the other movements in other countries #AlJazeera #mfd2011!/nazihasaeed/status/143990023224696834

I believe that the discrimination against the Bahrainis is organized, most media ignored us, just look at Alarabya and Aljazeera, the most watched channels in the Arab world, they focus on what?

Maysaloon said...

Yes I agree completely, and that is because of the dominance of Saudi/Western media and their political game with Iran. The rulers of this region are using sectarian agendas against each other and this is demonstrated in the positions that the media are adopting. So al Manar and PressTV focus on what is happening in Bahrain, and the Gulf channels focus almost exclusively on Syria. Shameful and disgusting behaviour.