Monday, July 04, 2011

A Night in Trafalgar Square for the Syrian Victims of Repression

I am hearing of rumours that the Syrian security services are amassing for a strike of some sort against the Syrian city of Hama. Recently the city has been completely free from the regime and the President Bashar al Assad sacked its governer yesterday after an enormous protest took place there. I think the regime will be incredibly stupid if it decides to do anything similar to its 1982 massacre within the city. With a month of 'Fridays' coming in less than a few weeks - Ramadan - the entire country would erupt on a scale that is unprecedented for the past three months. The struggle of the Syrian people against sectarian and thuggish rule continues. This regime will not give up easily and the alternative is less than clear, but there is no going back to the old days of fear.

On another note, the candle light vigils that take place almost every Friday night in Trafalgar Square in London are attracting a great level of attention to the plight of the Syrian people. Last Friday I was amazed by the variety of ordinary people who stopped by to express sympathy and support for the Syrian uprising. It was particularly effective since it was also Canada Day (a celebration of that country's national day in the United Kingdom) and the number of Canadians who were asking about how they could help was breathtaking. I was particularly impressed by a group of Canadian boys who were very polite and serious in their concern for what was happening. One of them said he 'happily speaks for all Canadians' when he says that they fully support the plight of the Syrian people. At times like this, common human decency can shine through the layers of indifference and media confusion. It was refreshing to say the least.

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