Monday, July 11, 2011

A Descent into Madness

It took three months to bring the illness of a whole country up to the surface. Murderous security services, indifferent government officials and slick pro-government advertisements were all mobilised to the service of the one leader and his eternal reign. Was it like this in Germany or Italy? When Mussolini and his Black-Shirts took power? Of course I wouldn't know, I wasn't even born when the 'Corrective Movement' led by the previous immortal leader, father of the present immortal leader, was carried out.There might have been a time when the country was a normal one, when there used to be statesmen, politicians, artists and thinkers who genuinely and freely discussed what they thought was best for the country. But that was so long ago that perhaps nobody really remembers what those days were like. Instead we have a grotesque parody of a country. A nationalism that is embodied with utter loyalty to the father-like figure who is the protector, the educator, the leader. Truly, those who are ignorant of history will be condemned to repeat it. Like a nightmare that is resurfacing, I can see the rise of corporatism and a form of fascism emerging.

Fascism, to the surprise of many people, was not just about burning Jews and gypsies in ovens. It was a disturbing ideology that aimed at subjugating the individual utterly and completely, not to a class but to a country and a leader. Complete obedience, all rights within the state and none outside of it, the individual away from this family collective was worthless. I can't imagine what it was like in Nazi Germany, but perhaps it was similar to what I am seeing today. Intellectuals, writers, artists and painters coming together into this vision of a 'Fatherland' with the wise, benevolent, 'Great Leader' who will look after all and not be afraid to act sternly against his errant children. His picture looks down upon you everywhere, disapprovingly at times, affectionately in others. You can only cry at the awe-inspiring radiance that comes down from his gentle and youthful face. Those who do wrong are punished, and if they promise not to do it again they will be forgiven and allowed to bask in His glory. Those who do not will be shunned by the true believers. By His ardent supporters who sit and listen stupidly to the speeches He makes, to the catchy slogans that his mouthpieces replicate even more stupidly.

Today we have an entire society that has been subjugated into this paternal vision of politics. The industrialists, the politicians, the army, the security services - all worship our leader, our "Fuhrer". But he is not like that Fuhrer, this one is a dwarf compared to that monster, but he is learning quickly. He speaks affectionately of "The Youth" and so his mouthpieces also start speaking of this youth. They speak sombrely and respectfully of the grave issues affecting this youth, of how they are the future of this great nation and how gentle a flower they will grow to become. The 'youth' respond ardently to this call for responsibility as our motherland faces this time of crisis. Facebook groups wax lyrical with affectionate terms of how the youth will rise to 'the challenge set' by this dwarf-Fuhrer. They will get to work, roll up their sleeves, and with youthful exuberance, start building a bright future and stamp out the 'germs of conspiracy'. They will throw rocks at those who displease the dwarf-Fuhrer, they will ridicule those who question his wisdom, they will dutifully march out to show their support for him in the blistering hot sun. He is their father, and they are his bastard offspring. Together they dream of forging a nation in their own image: illegitimate; hideous; and imbecilic.


William Scott Scherk said...

That is some fine, incisive writing. Thanks!! for the sanity . . . and sharp analysis.

Tamim Swaid said...

after the thawra please write a book.

Maysaloon said...

Thank you for the kind comments.