Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I sometimes cringe when I read things I wrote a few years ago, and am often tempted about going back and changing posts, comments or thoughts that I jotted down here. Yet I keep them on mainly because it helps me see how my thinking and attitude has developed, and how I have grown over the years. One thing I have noticed is how much more relaxed and open I am with people I disagree with or whose actions I do not approve of. It is a qualitative leap in thought when you start to realise that another's difference does not affect you, but in fact enriches your own differences.

Another thing I have started to really appreciate is the universality of human dignity. The more I tried to look into ethics, philosophy and justice in my background and culture, the more I found parallels with other people of different backgrounds. There are things which are admired as good, noble and courageous in all cultures. Coming to realise that is a journey in itself, and it is worth keeping a note of the key milestones.

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