Saturday, November 13, 2010

فنانة موريتانية روعة يانا يانا

A great rendition of Sabah's classic, this time from a talented singer from Mauritania. I love the tacky synthesized music and electric piano in the background. Where would Arabic music be today without the electric piano? Honestly, where?

Note: Of all the uncles and aunts, and people of their generation, who I've met and who have a dusty electric piano on top of their cupboards, I never met anyone who had made the effort to learn how to play the thing. Still, the tradition is carried on, and parents in Syria today continue to buy "al org" as it's referred to, in the vain hope that their children will grow up to be musical geniuses. Thus the cycle continues and the electric piano industry goes from strength to strength in the Middle East.

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