Monday, July 26, 2010

Some people have too much time on their hands.

The importation of more stupid Western-style activism for the most ridiculous things continues. This time in Amman a woman staged a "lettuce-protest" in order to promote vegetarianism. Maybe next we'll hear about a branch of the Animal Liberation Front opening in Damascus or Baghdad.


Anonymous said...

I disagree that it is silly. If no one is out there thinking that people are weird for wearing lettuce leaves, then no one will think it is perfectly normal for people to not eat meat. It's when people provoke responses and thoughts that people open their minds.

Unknown said...

I don't the issue is that vegetarianism is not important (which I think it is not BTW). But the more important issue is "Respective". These people out protesting meat-eating in a country where at least 70% can't afford to eat meat regularly and 40% can't afford to eat meat. If they care about rights, maybe they should look to protect HUMAN-rights.
It's not like they looked around and asked themselves "what problem can we solve", it's more like "People in the west protest meat-eating, I think it's cool too".

Maysaloon said...

As the saying goes -
كل مثل ما بدك و لبيس مثل ما بدون الناس
"Eat what you want and where what the people want".

Amr Eldib,
Yeslam timak. In a country where many people can't even afford meat this protest is utterly silly. It's almost like Marie Antoinette telling the French masses "to eat cake".

Amira said...

But isn't this woman making a statement to the protest going Ammani elite??