Sunday, July 11, 2010

The death of a spy

The mysterious death of Ashraf Marwan continues to make headlines here. His wife has now claimed that the Mossad is responsible for his death and that, at the time, he had been hard at work on his memoirs which might have exposed various intelligence agencies in the region during the 1970's.

I think it is very likely, from what I have read about this case, that the man was murdered, and naturally a sloppy police investigation and lack of interest from British circles for the death of a very wealthy man of his stature is more than a little bit suspicious. But the question that puzzles me is why would anybody who wants to kill this man have waited for so long after the 1970's to do so? It has been almost forty years since the October War. What, if anything, would his memoirs have said that would be so outrageous to have in the public domain even after all this time? Unless it is not the memoirs, but perhaps something else that made him a target.

I'm sure if Ashraf was killed by somebody who was not liked by the British, there would have been an utter outcry,and no stone would have been left unturned to prove a connection. We saw a stark example of this in the sensational radiation poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, the year before Ashraf's ejection from his expensive London flat. All this makes the silence by the British government absolutely deafening...


Amira said...

Or perhaps even Egypt? It is interesting how expat Egyptians living in London really have quite a risk of 'falling out of windows'- I think it is interesting to compare this to the other 'accidents' that occured during the same period and consider what they might have in common.

yzernik said...

Maybe he was killed by the same person that killed Dodi al-Fayed.