Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The American "McPresident" Obama renews sanctions on Syria

A move that is ridiculous and means absolutely nothing. It is just another way to push up the pressure a notch on Syria rather than this measure possessing any substantive meaning. I like the way he says that the Syrian government made "some progress" to stemming the flow of militants crossing into Iraq to attack the American soldiers there. Because in world opinion Syria did this in order to gain favour with their American highnesses. How ridiculous!

President Obama is right though, Syria is supporting Hezbullah, declared by the US as a terrorist organisation, and it is trying to develop an effective deterrent against future Israeli attacks - i.e. weapons of mass destruction. But the other thing his royal highness needs to realise is that Syria can open its borders in an instant and let 'militants' flood into Iraq. If Syria is seriously threatened you will quickly be seeing 2005 - level violence erupting in an instant within Iraq and that is a certainty. The fact is Syria's army is not strong, but the Syrian's have their own "Samson" option. You destroy the Syrian government and you destroy any chance for stability in the region. The message from Damascus has consistently been that you need us to control the tap of violence in the region. You need us because there is no peace in the region without Syria in general and without the Assad government in particular. That is the message from Damascus. Period.

Meanwhile, the Iranians get stronger, Hezbullah get stronger and Israel gets more desperate with its own Hamas thorn in its side. I used to find Syria's approaches for peace and conciliation confusing. Now I know they are playing the Israelis at their own game. The Israelis are renowned for appearing ready to make concessions when they know that no Arab government is ready to accept unless on its full terms, and the Syrians are now playing the game of being prepared to make full concessions whenever there is the most pig-headed and obstinate of Israeli positions. Mr Obama there is no peace here, this is not kindergarden. This is the Middle East and we have the best god-damn politicians in the world.

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Anonymous said...

"Based on your recent posts, your animosity towards the US is pretty clear. Why do you pretend to not get it when we reciprocate?"

Ah, yes, the imperialist approach to history. "We were just minding our own business and then these natives just got all upset. I don't understand why, but obviously we have to do something about it."

Go back to your cave, troll. Read a book, learn some history, stop wasting our time.