Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another thing I would like to have in my future farm is lavender. Lots of lavender plants the smell of which can waft into the house when there is a strong breeze. I'll have a central Arabic style fountain in the middle of the house and jasmine growing on one side of the walls. The house will also have lots of potted green plants, a house without greenery just doesn't seem to be habitable in my opinion.


melicieuse said...

try to add a plant called Lady of the Night or Queen of the Night (and sometimes Night-blooming Cestrum)

it's a nice plant with tiny white/green night blooming flowers (they only open at night) and spread a magical jasmine like scent (only at night off course)

Maysaloon said...

Thank you, I think I will inshallah. Would you like to help me design the rest of this farm one day? I have a feeling I will be hopeless without you.

melicieuse said...

i was about to comment on your next post but poooof it disappeared

farm???? i thought you said house

Maysaloon said... is a house surrounded by a lot of land... :)

As for that post, I took it off because I didn't want to be misunderstood. I think the language made it look terse and uncompromising when I really wanted it to be gentler for the reader and more helpful...

Lasto adri said...

I erased the long comments I wrote.
I just wanted to say, you can make a profound story teller by the way..

Maysaloon said...

Mutshakereen awee ya sit Eman, rabina yakhelekee.

melicieuse said...

ahaaa lots of land, so it can be a circus or a fairground

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