Sunday, December 06, 2009

'Extremists' are stopping Iraqi's from having a 'good' time

This is what the Western press lament the loss of in Baghdad. The declining "nightlife" of the old Baghdad. They even manage to transform something disgusting, into a good thing:

In 2007, when American troops handed control of Abu Nuwas to Iraqi forces, they tried to rekindle the area's freewheeling past by offering grants.

How kind of the occupying forces, how benevolent! This is like the French pushing Algerian women into prostitution, sending them over as 'comfort' battalians for French soldiers in Vietnam, or the pleasure hotels opened for American soldiers after their occupation of Japan.

Aakh...I guess saying this will brand me an extremist because I think alcohol and prostitution are a bad thing. Certainly bad for the poor people forced into this business. The hearts of some men are cold and hard, like stone or even harder than stone. Yet even stones crumble and let water burst from them. So what does that make these people?

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Mohammad said...

Different values, different views, difference culture, different everything! I don't think this is the only lifestyle Iraqis are missing right now, but Americans won't care about that, I guess.