Saturday, November 28, 2009

The morning was crisp here today, and I raised my jacket collar to keep the biting cold away from me. The bus ride was slow as there was much traffic, but eventually I arrived to the mosque near my area with enough time to spare before the Eid prayers began. Yes, today was the first day of Eid, not that we could tell from the glum faces of everybody in the streets, or the drab monotone streets of suburban England. There is something about experiencing Eid in non-Muslim countries. For a brief few minutes you are surrounded by people who share your enthusiasm for it, then you are back in central London, where nothing is sacred. Not even their Christmas.

The new mosque had only recently been completed, but already there were signs warning of BNP protests that were going to be taking place some time next week. The signs implored Muslim youth in particular not to be provoked into doing anything. Business as usual here I suppose.

I prayed in the, as of yet, incomplete mosque, more of a building site than a mosque, with other people I didn't know. I exchanged pleasantries, then read some Qur'an whilst the crowd dispersed. I hate crowds with a passion and avoid them whenever I can. Once that had happened, I slowly got up to begin my long journey to my university to attend my lectures and tutorials. Another Eid finding me in so different a situation than I expected to be in last year, what will you bring me this year Eid? More of the same, or something new?

Happy Eid everybody, and thank you for the well wishes!

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qunfuz said...

kul aam wa antum bi khair...and wainak? I'm calling..