Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Israeli settlement building and the pied piper of Washington

While the Palestinian house is in disarray over conspiracy theories, Israel continues to push through its settlement building aggressively. In times like this, it is appropriate for us remember the treachery of that pauper Anwar al Sadat and the damage that he and his dwarf followers have inflicted on the Arab world. Prior to 1973, the Israelis would have kissed the shoes of any Arab leader to at least consider having direct talks with them, today, it is the other way around. In order to even be graced with an Israeli negotiators presence, concessions must be made to the Zionist state. Obama is apparently deeply unpopular in Israel, so it was not surprising that a boost in settlement building took place after he took office. In this way, the world sees Israel as sticking its middle finger to the new magician in the White House, whilst giving it an extra bargaining chip, more concessions to freeze the settlements, meaning that before anybody has even discussed preconditions for meeting, the Israelis have already gained whilst the Arabs lose. So is somebody going to tell us who killed Arafat?

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