Thursday, April 16, 2009

Then where did the big bang come from?

An excellent short clip by the late Carl Sagan. When I watched it, I saw al Ghazali's arguments in the Incoherence of the Philosophers played out till the present with the questions posed by Mr Sagan still pertinent today as they were for the Arab philosophers. I'll try to break down these questions and examine them if I get a chance later. But I'll leave you to ponder these questions. If you do wish to have a read of the Incoherence of the Philosophers, you can have a read through it on


MJ said...

sounds interesting.. I should really get to read carl sagan's book, the pale blue dot.. someday..

Karin said...

Fascinating questions! The Qur'an says "the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit before WE clove them asunder"
Then there's 41:11 and 21:33 ...

Years ago I saw most his program the "UNIVERSE" and loved every minute of it. HE was the one who triggered my growing interest in astronomy and HE was as well the one who made me take a semester astronomy in college - the most fascinating I have ever taken!

Thanks for the You Tube clip!