Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Afghan dog finds new life in Britain" but before you get too excited, it wasn't Hamid Karzai.


G.Gar said...

Reports are circulating about Iranian-American negotiations in Germany for Iran to provide logistic support to American army in Afghanistan, as Pakistani logistics' lines are no longer safe.

Maysaloon said...

"Reports are circulating..." only in your head.

G.Gar said...

Mr. Maysaloon. It seems to me that I have failed to get you here; are you actually denying the formal Iranian and American statements about the Iranian valuable aid provided to coalition forces invading Afghanistan?!

If you render Ayatollah Khatemi unaccountable, then I suggest that you check the "economist" issue of February 7th 2009.

Best Regards,


G.Gar said...

And here is another one for the road. Why Does the new American admintration seem to be keen on cosying up with Iran, with Syria is lef on back Burner?

Don't you think it it is most unrealistic to expect Arabs of all strains to support resitance in Iraq and Palestine- while in the meantime, Pan-Arab Baathists of Syria and Iraq hated one another to the extent that Syria supported the Persian invasion of Iraq in the eighties?