Sunday, January 25, 2009

The audacity of audacity

When I read articles like this I want to throw myself from the nearest window; the clueless Hind Kabawat has an article posted on the awful Syria Comment blog:

Has Israel a right to exist? Only the most extreme and intractable elements in the Arab world now say, “No.” As almost all informed Israelis know, most of the Arab world has long ago accepted the reality of a Jewish state in the Middle East.

When people like this take the liberty of speaking for "most" or "many" in the Arab world, when they undermine the resistance, when they sell Palestine in the name of fake compassion, acclaim and fame, then they are rightly called cowards and traitors. We need shoes...lots of shoes.


sasa said...

That's the Two Statists at work. If they force us to accept that Israel is a 'fact on the ground', we can never even discuss an alternative. Apartheid is the only option.

No, actually, as South Africa showed, a bi-national One State Solution is the only option.

Down with religious states. Down with terrorist occupation.

david santos said...

Excellent work!
Have a nice week.

jimmy said...

this has widely circulated, but just in case the readers of this blog have missed it.

a lonesome voice in the wilderness:

Lirun said...

first starvation and now windows? where's your spine..

qunfuz said...

I'm happy to report that a terrorist has been eliminated this morning.

As for Kabawat, I posted this on Syriacomment:

"Ms. Kabawat - Thanks for your input. You may be right, although I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t want to insult you, but I think your piece about hope is one of the most inane and substanceless pieces I’ve ever seen on Syriacomment. And your examples are ahistorical. For instance, in your comment above you draw a false parallel with northern Ireland. The Irish problem is the legacy of colonialism which happened centuries ago. Now it’s an issue of reconciliation. It’s the kind of situation that Palestine may face in two hundred years.

I could go on, point by point, but I have no time.

As to Louis Michel’s immoral comments on the Palestinian liberation movement, and Obama’s fake rhetoric, we really aren’t going to get anywhere getting excited by Western ‘balance’. It’s far too late for that. Ehsani’s comments were wonderful, on the need for unity, and the necessity of demanding a one state solution. Shifting public opinion in the West, including Jewish opinion (and the tide is turning) is also very important. But running after the political class (who think of us as children) is just silly. Edward Said wrote very well of Arafat’s humiliating behaviour buying jewels for Hillary Clinton and Albright instead of organising Palestinian speaking tours of US churches, town halls, etc."

The thing about Syriacomment is that it's read by a lot of influential people. During the latest massacre I was unable to comment there, but I do think it's important to occassionally express an opinion there, if only to show that the 'liberals' (how did they manage to destroy that word?) are not representative of Syrians or people concerned about Syria. Right now Syriacomment has a poll on the one state or two state solution.