Saturday, January 31, 2009

The reality is that over the last eight years the belief that America is out to get Muslims and Arabs has spread so far that it is now common throughout most levels of society from Morocco to Indonesia.

Rageh Omaar on Obama and some of the challenges he will face. Notice from the rest of the article that Rageh does not believe America is out to get Muslims and Arabs. Really? This is like saying that Richard the Lion Heart and his England were not out to get Muslims and Arabs when they beseiged Acre...which is probably what Rageh will say in the documentary about the Crusades that he is in Syria to make. Nothing surprises me from "ethnic" reporters who work for Western news agencies and imbibe their "standards" of impartial reporting.


Nour said...

Well I don't believe that America is "out to get Muslims and Arabs." I believe that America looks to serve its imperialistic interests and the interests of Israel and it doesn't care who it "gets" in the process. Latin America suffered a lot from the US, and they are not Muslim or Arab. Vietnamese were massacred by Americans and they are not Muslim or Arab. Serbia was targeted by the US and they are not Muslim or Arab. I believe it's too simplistic to say that they are just out to "get Muslims and Arabs" without considering the totality of America's actions.

Lirun said...

maybe u should try your hand at being a reporter.. no one else can get it right..

Maysaloon said...

Of course it is out to get Muslims and Arabs. If America, in serving its imperialistic interests, has to overcome an obstacle, then it is serving its interests in overcoming that obstacle. In Latin America, it was out to get Latin Americans, Vietnamese in Vietnam. Serbians in Serbia. In pursuing its imperialistic interests today, the Arabs are an obstacle, therefore, it is out to get Arabs. An Arab is independent in so far as he is not subservient to the United States. That he does so makes him a target for annihilation, culturally at least, but then physically if serious enough a challenge. Those that remain are no more Arabs than Batista or Pinochet were "Cuban" or "Chilean" or any "South" Vietnamese president was "Vietnamese". You're right, I was being simplistic, but the simplicity is in the logic underlying American actions and not in the way these actions are manifested or presented to the world.