Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Study finds long-term use of cannabis, heroin, and cocaine more prevalent among Arab teens than Jewish. No extensive program offered at Arab schools, says criminologist."


La Luz said...

You may be interested in seeing this too:

Anonymous said...

my friend, do you truly believe surveys studies. I can show mathematically that the error margin (uncertainty) in any low percentage social survey is grater than the resultant number of the survey itself. ex. the uncertainty of this survey probably more than +/- 5% and the results is 4% for some group. do you see what I mean. it is not all about the numbers :-)

Lirun said...

maysaloon - i dont know the exact numbers but i am not surprised by the report.. there is a serious dro out rate issue with arab youth in israel.. its very saddening.. there are some great arab kids in my neighbourhood who upset me deeply when they decided to drop out in the 11th and 12th grade.. so close to the end.. these kids were not hungry for food and did not have learning disabilities.. drove me nuts.. the arab elementary and secondary education systems have a lot of automony and i agree they should include prevention programs.. these are often used in under privileged jewish schools.. i know the municipal councils do invest in youth at risk in mixed jewish and arab towns.. however many arab towns suffer from bankrupt councils due to very poor local tax collection and its much harder for them to provide centralised infrastructure.. its a major social and demographic concern in israel..

keep in mind however that the most educated faction of israeli society these days is the arab christian society.. they average the highest number of education years per capita.. our hospitals for that matter are aflush with arab doctors - which is great - at least here they are not discriminated against it is not a prejudice issue but a cultural and community issue that needs to be tackled with sensitivity..

Ia Mora - the issue you are referring to is a different one that i blogged about just the other day:

also a very sad issue that crosses the border mind you..

janmasouh - when it comes to children struggling the statistics dont count.. they are merely useful to spot an issue.. if its one kid struggling its still an issue.. in this case we are talking about a major problem that then evolves into gang format and its a shame - some of the people that get caught up in this really had a lot of potential to make fantastic lives for themselves.. even in a society that is definitley not always entirely equal..