Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing exceeds like excess...

"Crisis? What crisis? Dubai's Atlantis hotel opens with £13m party"

I was meaning to write something about this earlier but did not get a chance to. Whilst travelling on the London Underground I saw pictures of this "party" and the celebrities who attended whilst reading the Metro. I've never felt more disgusted, both with Dubai and with the celebrity culture that the ignorant worship. They needed over a ton of lobster to feed all the guests and God knows how much alcohol to keep their tender, gorgeous celebrity bellies nice and full. It is also interesting that a country which consideres homosexuality a crime, invites the openly gay Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend, who was DJ'ing at the party. The only thing that is a crime in Dubai is to be poor. Worse than all of this, Lev Leviev the Israeli billionaire who bankrolls illegal settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories has brazenly opened a store at the Atlantis resort, months after the Dubai authorities had announced they would never provide a license to this man. The Atlantis is also owned by a worldwide company that specialises in building casinos and is owned by a South African billionaire. I wrote about this in a previous blog post and I still think this could lead to the eventual legalisation of gambling in the region. Let's just see what happens when the QE2 is revamped and relaunched. Whoever said oil is the devil's excrement was not lying.

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