Thursday, November 20, 2008

David Milliband, the most ridiculous joke of a British foreign secretary in the history of British foreign secretaries, was in Syria recently. I couldn't help but remember what Sergei Lavrov told him, "Who the f*** are you to lecture me?". Such a silly, silly boy...


Dania said...

It's weird to hear that, especially when lots of British friends mentioned things about him becoming the new PM!
why u think he is a jock?

Maysaloon said...

Hi Dania,
Him being a joke does not preclude him from being a prime minister, especially a British PM :) I think in order to see why he is that you do need to have a look at some of the things he has said or done, mainly with regards to the Georgian conflict, but also in general, in the context of British foreign policy. He's a puppet, amongst many things...but I can see why you would be surprised, meeting "official" people in such a friendly capacity as you have for the first time can be quite an exciting experience, but I'm sure as time goes by you will see through the smoke and mirrors!

Dania said...

It's not because he was friendly, he was a bit... "British" you know, but I was surprised because I've read lots of articles about him and were not exposed to his "jockey" side, just Curiosity :).
He looked really clever rather than friendly ;), I'm not defending him but I got the impression that he is really intelligent... I think his visit to Syria was a good move ahead of US's new administration. But I don't agree with the intelligence co-operation between the UK & Syria as I see it a risky move.

sasa said...

You know I respect your views Maysaloon - and sometimes I respectfully disagree! Sometimes we have to settle for mediocre. He's a mediocre FM. And that's better than the history of puppets and hypocrits we've had before him (Robin Cook springs to mind - happy to turn the screws on the Arabs when he was in power, and then happy to become a populist anti-war-hero when he was out of power).

Why do I like Miliband? Because he has had the courage to stand up to Bush. Georgia, I know nothing about - it's not my battle. But he is a friend of Syria and the Arabs - as much of a friend as we will ever get.

Something's come to my mind about a criticism of Israel he made last week, but I can't remember what it was. I think it may have been about Jerusalem. But anyway, it was something that even Abbashole has given up on.

Britain will never have an FM who espouses our views - never. The best we can hope for is someone tolerable. And we've got that.