Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morally bankrupt, from the root to the leaves. This is my growing opinion of the West. The rest of the world faces occupation, bombing, extortion, economic ruin and poverty because of their corrupt ideologies - is it any surprise to see how petty and repulsive their popular culture can be on a local level? As if he has nothing better to do, Gordon Brown has waded into a celebrity tit-for-tat. Russell Brand, a celebrity famous for being famous (he is praised by the masses for the amount of drugs he took and for telling everybody about his sexual experiences) insulted a veteran actor by leaving a message on his voicemail telling him "he f*cked his granddaughter" on a radio show. Oh, he also said that he used a condom. How very nice of him and how funny. The maiden whose virtue was tarnished by this? She works as a 'burlesque' dancer for a group called the "Satanic Sluts". For Middle Eastern readers unfamiliar with this terminology, burlesque is a way of saying she is a stripper, but making it sound like something sophisticated and refined.

Many would say that I am talking rubbish, that Ofcom has been inundated with complaints by people, proving that such behaviour is unacceptable. Nobody seems to remember that it is the same public which has made such human garbage famous and rich. They are the same people who might say that many in the UK opposed the invasion of Iraq, but forget to mention exactly how and why Blair was re-elected after the invasion and the sham of the WMD's. The exact same logic applies to America and the answer is clear in the economic recession which is affecting both countries. You people only care about money, you want to be ruled by the person who can get you the most money and it doesn't matter one bit who you bomb, kill or steal from to get it. You think you are more just and moral than the world, but in reality you are all hypocrites. At least the rest of the world does not hide and pretend it is something else.


boxthejack said...

True stuff. In fact, the re-election of Blair doesn't show that really people supported the Iraq war - it's worse than that. It shows that we didn't care as much about the illegal, destabilising and bloody conflict in someone else's country as we did that our economy appeared to be healthy.

boxthejack said...

Oh, and on the Brand/Ross saga, Ian Hislop put it best: "What Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand did does not strike me as edgy. The best comedy is where you attack the strong, not the weak."