Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Western media can barely conceal its erection with the recent filming of an Iraqi female suicide bomber. Pretending to objectively 'dissect' her possible motives and reasons for doing this, they try to hide the perverse glee with which they gloat over her semi-bare bosom. The forbidden, exotic, Muslim woman is captured in order to then be tamed.

Lt Col DA Sims, deputy commanding officer of the Baquba-based US 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, whose staff also interrogated the girl, has an open mind about Ibrahim's intentions

An "open mind"? Thank you Lt. Colonel Sims. Have you never wondered why your name is different from the people you 'interrogate'? Why you are different from these people? It is because you do not belong there you arrogant and ignorant man. I read this article and it is astounding how it goes - almost in one breath - from describing the womans arrest and the 'heroic' Iraqi mercenary pictured defusing her belt, to quoting her AMERICAN interrogator. Almost as if it is as natural for him to be there and a part of this process as it would be for any other Iraqi official. Can you picture one of Saddam's henchmen being quoted after the capture and 'interrogation' of a potential bomber? Can you imagine him saying he has an 'open mind' about her intention? You will not even bat an eyelid if they said his name was Abdullah, Mustafah or Riad. Don't these people understand? Are they insane?

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