Monday, September 22, 2008

On the bomb attack in Pakistan, from The Times:

Pakistan's top leaders were to have attended a state dinner at the luxury Islamabad hotel devastated in a suicide bomb attack on Saturday but changed venue at the last minute, it emerged today.

On Pakistan and the United States from the BBC:

Pakistani troops have fired at two US helicopters forcing them back into Afghanistan, local Pakistani intelligence officials say

The helicopters flew into the tribal North Waziristan region from Afghanistan's Khost province at around midnight, the reports say.

Last week Pakistani troops fired into the air to prevent US ground troops crossing the border further south.

Tensions have risen after an increase in US attacks targeting militants.
Pakistan's army has said it will defend the country's sovereignty and reserves the right to retaliate to any border violations.

The latest on Lev Leviev from the Independent:

The British Government's plan to rent new premises in a Tel Aviv skyscraper hasrun into trouble after a wave of protests that their prospective landlord is a major participant in Jewish settlement-building in the occupied West Bank.

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