Wednesday, July 09, 2008

There is something insane and wrong about this article. This is Occupation:

Alcohol is openly for sale once more in Baghdad. All over the Iraqi capital, drink stores, which closed their doors in early 2006 when sectarian strife was raging, have slowly begun to reopen. Two years ago, al-Qa'ida militants were burning down liquor stores and shooting their owners. Now around Saadoun Street, in the centre of the city, at least 50 stores are advertising that they have alcohol for sale.


Pierre Tristam said...

Are you suggesting that it was more civilized when those shop owners were being murdered by false-religion fanatics and Baghdad's residents were being prohibited from enjoying whatever drink they pleased by patronizing edicts that did nothing to improve anybody's morals and everything to enhance criminals' bottom lines? Come on now Wassim. Have a drink.

Maysaloon said...

This isn't as simple as saying let the people party. It is just ironic that in a country still under occupation we are expected to rejoice about the resale of alcohol as if Baghdad needed nothing more than to let her hair down, wear a mini-skirt and start partying.

I can guarantee that no patriotic Iraqi could care less about whether or not alcohol is on sale when his or her country is under illegal occupation, and when he or she is entirely devoted to resisting it.

Pierre Tristam said...

From that perspective, I entirely understand your point.

Lirun said...

its not about alcohol but rather about choice..