Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stop press! Where is Lina Sinjab and why hasn't the BBC made this frontpage news? Syria's intellectual elite is finally flexing its might.

"The three-man delegation of Syrians which is visiting Washington spoke at the Brookings Institute today. They are Dr. Sami Moubayed (Academic, jounalist), Samir Saifan (Economist, businessman), and Samir al-Taki ([Taqi] medical doctor and head of Syria's leading think tank)."

The head of Syria's leading (whatever that means) thinktank(a what? In Syria???!?!), an Economist or businessman (in Syria that means the same thing as the entire country is now run by businessmen) and Dr. Sami Moubayed (a sychophant). The combined erudition, insight and political weight of these three will mean each has to be flown seperately otherwise their plane cannot take off.

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