Monday, July 21, 2008

Brown's arrogance is breathtaking as he stands like a pompous peacock in the Israeli Knesset, proclaiming his everlasting and undying love for the Zionist state. What I find amusing are his threats to Iran, made from the typically racist and colonial perspective that still permeates what is left of Britains tired "Establishment". The term Establishment means to me a washed out group of City Boys and financiers, over-educated at elitist establishments and imbibed with misplaced delusions of grandeur and their own self-importance. They still think that they have a say over the 'natives' of the Middle East, that they are smarter, stronger and more just in their cause. This misguided mockery of righteousness props up popular perceptions about the farce called the "international community" which is really the former colonial countries who have now graciously allowed some brown or yellow people to sit at their table sometimes. The poor buffoons, they still don't realise that the days of Empire are long dead.

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