Thursday, July 31, 2008

No to Zionism. Full stop

After the humiliation of Syrian intellectuals Moubayed, Seifan and al Taqi (they did not perform ablutions before attempting to supplicate to AIPAC) I recommend we put forward Maysoon Shaladi, the latest contestant to leave Big Brother and who has said that she is not Syrian anymore regardless of her parents nationality. As well as disowning her heritage, she has also posed for photography shoots wearing flimsy underwear, something which would have been catastrophic for the first three heroes to do but which puts her at a distinct advantage for pimping Syria to the West.

No to peace with Israel and no to the liberalisation of our economy. One recent article on the appalling Syria Comment blog boldly claims that "Syria is Ready for Peace". Syria does not have to be "ready" for anything and certainly has no right to think it can sue for peace with the Zionist state. Most of the jokers commenting on his article had (at the time) the most atrocious things to say about this Syrian challenge to the so-called "Cheney" plan for the Middle East, in fact they did not even accept that there was such a plan at the time and were obsessing with rubbish such as a Sunni/Shia split in the region or with "terrorism". Israel has lost its kings and warriors, America is wounded and Britain is like a poodle that's lost its owner. Credit should be where it is due but also a grave opposition to the gradual selling out of Syria for short term gains. The focus now should be on organising a collective refusal of such selling out rather than sitting back and patting ourselves on the back.


Jillian said...

Maysoon is bright, polite and fluent in Arabic. She is a modern girl but also respects her parents and their old-fashioned values.

Not only is the fact that she speaks Arabic fluently an odd non-sequitor in that context, but respects her parents "old-fashioned" values? Apparently not.

Nour said...

Nice post, Wassim. I fully agree with the need to oppose any humiliating "peace" agreement with the cancerous state of "Israel." I think some of the posters on SC are living in la la land. They fear continued struggle and think that spewing fluff is going to get them anywhere. It's refreshing to see someone who sees reality as it truly is.

Lirun said...

dear nour and wassim for that matter..

u r cancerous..

i cant believe the selfishness - while you country wallows in poverty and burns itself out into population explosion oblivion - all you can do is hedonistically bask in your hatred like its a sport.. like its a value.. like its a purpose..

if you think time is on your side you need to splash some cold water on your face..

wake up and smell the humous..

julius said...

It's true, Wassim. It seems like you hate Israel only in order to maintain an enemy, even when it's detrimental to your own country. I'm curious though, if you could remake the Middle East from its current situation, how would you do it?