Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whew, I was getting worried: "The nationalities of the dead were not immediately known but diplomats who have examined the manifest said that almost all the names appear to be Arabic."


Anonymous said...

Indeed! (See? - I can be sarcastic, too!)

ASDFGHJK said...

so what?
you imply racism?

When a tragedy happens it is only natural to think (roughly):
- my family?
- my community?
- my ethnicity?
- my country?
- my continent?

As The Independent is a british paper with a mostly
non arab readership it makes totally sense to say "probably no one you know".

It only gets ugly when "your media" doesn't report on the casualties "of the other side" - especially when "they" are victims "of your countries" politics.

I'm sure examples for this could easily be found even on a paper like The Independent - but your example doesn't fly.

Lirun said...

its a miracle so many survived..