Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The slow dissection of Sudan

Lies, lies and more lies. Sudan is now the next chip which is being targeted in the gradual dismemberment of the Arab and Islamic world. "Armies head for central Sudan" which, I might add, is incredibly oil rich. Notice that the world's media are now very quiet about Darfur, what with more pressing concerns such as Tibet and now, of course, the false indignation and outrage over the Burmese government's handling of it's crisis. First Somalia and now Sudan...I don't expect Omar Bashir to hold on much longer and we will probably see the dissection of Sudan imminently into a poorer and defeated Arab/Muslim north and a pro-Western, Christian south - with a lot of oil...

If you are a Sudanese blogger please do get in touch, I have many questions to ask.


Lirun said... for a great sudanese blogger..

check out the commentary on obama's speech to aipac - i agree with the author of the blog..

G.Gar said...

I ma an Egyptian Blogger, that's why I am also Sudanese- we are one body.

Feel free to aske whatever.

Lirun said...

sudanese = egyptian?!?!?!? is that why the egyptian army shoots the sudanese refugees in the back as they run across to our border for shelter?