Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pity the nation that runs out of poets to quote...

I cannot even look at anything by Khalil Gibran anymore. It is almost like my brain automatically glosses over as soon as I read any post or any article which includes a quote by the man, not because I have a problem with him, but because some people now believe that the cherry on top of any article they write about the Arab world must be a quote by Gibran. Personally I hold Fisk accountable, his book Pity the Nation is still one my favourites but it has made Gibran horribly cliched and virtually unreadable. In fact, I would say that the man is probably more popular amongst nostalgic expatriates and foreigners than amongst people in the Arab world. I'm not sure of this so if anybody who knows any better would care to comment I'd be grateful.

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