Friday, May 09, 2008

يا خبر اليوم بفلوس و بكرى ببلاش

Like everybody else I'm just catching bits and pieces of what is happening in Lebanon now. As I always thought, Lebanon could be taken over by Hezbullah within hours and not days -surely the Americans and Israelis knew this. The ball is in their court, I wonder what they have up their sleeve.

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ASDFGHJK said...

"Lebanon could be taken over by Hezbullah within hours"

Would you elaborate on this?
Maybe i get you wrong there but
I only could imagine them takeover FOR hours?
Even leaving aside the unavoidable meddling from outside this would be the recipe for civil war and I can't see how the 1000 core fighters plus 10 times more part-time fighters (numbers are sketchy here i know) could control the streets (and loosing thereby their ability to fight Israel in the south). The assumable collapse of the so army along sectarian lines would provide both sides with additional fighters.
Politically I can't see how the minorities would accept the administration by the Shia (or for that matter by any side exclusively)...